Recording, analysis, prevention and improvement

The QMS Re-Act is a starting portal, in wich all kinds of incidents can be recorded in a very fast and simple way

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Recording, analysis, prevention and improvement

The VMS Re-Act is the start portal where all types of adverse events and incidents quickly and easily can be registered. On this basis, detailed analyzes are generated at any organizational level. On the basis of the results categories of similar incidents could be determined with the aim to develop prevention.

In cooperation with the authors of several scientific methodologies Frenzs has implemented several instruments concerning aggression risk management. Re-Act contains SOAS-R©, Staff Observation Aggression Scale-Revised, BVC, Brøset Violence Checklist, also available in German speaking countries BVC-CH, and ERM, Early Recognition Methodology.
These three scales are complementary about aggression behaviour.

The validated scientific methods
Who works in psychiatry, disabled, prison, MUG education or in the public sector, will have to deal with aggression at work. The validated instruments SOAS-R ©, BVC and ERM, all included in Re-Act, are the best means to prevent or reduce aggression incidents.

SOAS-R © Methodology as standard for aggression registration

The SOAS-R ©, Staff Observation Aggression Scale - Revised, is a scientific and validated methodology, developed by Prof. T. Palmstierna and Wisted in 1980, and is complemented by Prof. H. Nijman in 1995. Years of research finally resulted in this user-friendly and full scale aggression incidents registering quickly and completely and then analyze. More information about the various studies is available as a PDF.

BVC Brøset Violence Checklist

The Brøset Violence Checklist (BVC) is a 6-item checklist which assists in the prediction of violent behaviour over a short period of time (i.e., 24hours). The BVC can be used by all staff working with patients or clients.The BVC when used appropriately can help to assist in preventing unwanted behaviour The BVC is based on the idea that violent incidents rarely occur withoutidentifiable warning signals. It is one of the few validated structured clinicalinstruments developed for an inpatient setting. The BVC is an instrumentthat assists in ongoing risk assessment during the whole course of inpatient treatment.

This scientifically methodology is developed by Linaker, Busch-Iversen and Almvik from Norway. Author is Dr. Roger Almvik Contact:
For more information go to

Early Recognition Method

The Early Recognition Method (ERM) was developed in order to create an effective risk management intervention for the prevention of aggression in forensic care. Most characteristic of this risk management method is that the focus is on the early warning signs of aggression. With competent nursing attention, the signs can be detected during daily care. In addition, the method helps patient and nurse attune their perspectives on the risk of aggression and how to manage this risk with a particular patient.
The Early Recognition Package, exists of training program, a protocol and relapse prevention plan. This provides a clear structure for the four phases of the ERM.

The forensic application of this scientifically method is developed by Frans Fluttert from The Netherlands. The combination of the ERM with BVC and SOAS-R is the ‘Golden Triangle’ in risk management and prediction of inpatient aggression.
Dr. Frans Fluttert. Contact:


The exclusive rights of publishing the electronically version of the SOAS-R, BVC and ERM worldwide is laid down at Frenzs B.V.  Using SOAS-R, similar, equivalent or comparable is strictly forbidden without permission of publisher.

The use of validated intruments gives us the right tools to manage aggression
Tor Erik St Olavs

re-act contains the following instruments

  • bvc
  • soas-r
  • erm
  • argus
  • mic
  • mip

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